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No Nonsense Drupal Training Courses in West Yorkshire

'Module to theme, menu to content...', sometimes the aforementioned terms could go above our heads. The uninitiated may be wondering what he or she is talking about, and some of them may lose interest. It could be the slides or the jargon which could be boring the learners. Some of which may be counting the hours till dinnertime or the next train home.

To the point is how we like it - cutting to the chase, hitting the ground running - all that sort of stuff. Waffle free. In crisp, clear English.

Enter stage left, Contact Media Ventures Ltd. This time, about to save you from PowerPoint orientated boredom with waffle-free Drupal training courses, somewhere just off the M62 or thereabouts in Leeds.

What Can We Offer?

We have wide ranging experience with the Drupal content management system. For each web project, Drupal has become our CMS of choice - almost a labour of love. We can offer straightforward Drupal training on the following aspects of our favoured CMS:

  • Introduction: about Drupal and how it came about;
  • Installation: adding Drupal to your server space;
  • Choosing themes and templates: how to choose a suitable look for your installation;
  • Content types: the difference between articles, blogs, landing pages and standard pages;
  • Menu mastery: managing your menus and titles in Drupal;
  • Modules: how to manage your modules and add suitable ones to your Drupal installation;
  • Blocks: managing the building blocks of your website - literally!
  • Configuration: managing your website, from article to language settings;
  • Social Media Integration: how to promote your Drupal built website.

The Park Plaza Leeds is in an unrivalled position for the city centre's shops and leisure attractions, and is only a short walk from the city's railway station.

  • From Leeds City railway station: head north on New Station Street towards Wellington Street then turn right onto Bishopgate Street. Turn left towards Boar Lane taking a sharp left. The Park Plaza Leeds hotel will be on your right hand side.
  • From Leeds City bus station: head west on York St toward Cross York Street then take a slight left onto Call Lane and a slight right onto Duncan Street. Then, take a slight left at Lower Basinghall Street before turning right onto Bishopgate Street. From there, turn left onto New Station Street. Park Plaza Leeds will be on your right hand side.
  • Leeds CityBus: instead of walking to Park Plaza Leeds, you may prefer to catch the Leeds CityBus, a clockwise circular route linking parts of central Leeds (every 8 - 10 minutes from 0630 to 1910, 50p single fare) from Leeds City Bus Station. Alight at the stop outside Leeds City railway station then walk towards Park Plaza Leeds on Boar Lane.

From Junction 3 off the M621 motorway

  • Take the 'A653' exit
  • Merge onto Meadow Rd
  • Continue onto Victoria Rd/A653, and then continue onto Neville St
  • Turn left onto Bishopgate St
  • Turn right onto Quebec St
  • Park Plaza Leeds will be just ahead.
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What it costs.

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Please see our pricing table below, we can offer a number of flexible options to suit your requirements. 

Standard Open Training Day
£595 / per person
Buffet lunch provided
Laptop provided
Free WiFi
Training document included
Multi Person Open Training DayMost Popular
£495/ per person
Buffet lunch provided
Laptop provided
Free WiFi
Training document included
Private Workplace Training
£1300/ per day
Full day to suit working hours
Up to 3 students
Flexible approach
Covering whole of UK*
Training document included
Web Conference Training
£75/ per hour
During office hours
Learn at your own desk!
Help with frustrating issues
Easy pay as you go option
Simply connect through Teamviewer


* Some limitations may apply subject to availability of venues and geographical factors.

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