For the Love of Benny: A Look at WordPress' Latest Update

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Inside WordPress 4.0

WordPress is known for its accessibility and intuitive interface, which makes the content management system a most popular one. In recent years, it has outgrown its blogging based roots to cater for 'bog standard' websites as well as weblogs. In the process, it has become the world's favourite CMS.

Since the 04 September, WordPress has amassed its fourth version. Known as 'Benny', it continues the jazz music theme used in previous updates. It is named in honour of Benny Goodman, the jazz clarinetist and band leader rather than the Crossroads character played by Paul Henry. It builds upon WordPress' penchant for user-friendliness with its greatest strides made in media management and content creation.

Its approach to media management enables users to choose audio or visual files via an endless grid, displaying thumbnail images. Adding a film clip or a tweet is a cinch too. Say for instance you wish to add a YouTube clip: all you need to do is add a link from YouTube and... Hey Fine Fare! Our YouTube clip appears in a jiffy. If you wish to embed a tweet, possibly some random anecdote about a soap opera set in the West Midlands, just add the address of your tweet. Seconds later, your embedded tweet appears.

The above makes for an enhanced editing experience; prior to version 4.0, content writers had to preview their article to see if WordPress embedded the right clip or tweet. Another aspect of WordPress 4.0's editing features include scaleable text areas. If you're creating edifying content, the textarea expands to fit your content - no need to keep scrolling up and down every now and then.

Expanding your WordPress installation's a cinch too. You can choose from over 30,000 plugins from and a number of third parties. Instead of scrolling through endless lists, each plugin is detailed within easy to digest blocks. It also details as to whether or not your plugin works in 4.0. What's more, Benny is responsive. Editing your website on a mobile device is seamless as the CMS's back end supports responsive web design techniques.

All of the above features prove one thing: WordPress has come of age in great style. 4.0 is set to consolidate on its continued success. Joomla! and Drupal, watch out...!

S.V., 23 September 2014.

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