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A 'cut out and keep' guide to image plug-ins for WordPress users

WordPress is quite a popular choice for creatives, some of which familiar with the platform thanks to blogging. It has a wealth of themes suitable for videographers, photographers, illustrators, and architects as well as writers. With it being the world's favourite CMS, it has a number of plug-ins for creative types. From marquee effects to sliders, hero graphics and media management utilities, you will be suitably accommodated. Out of about several thousand plug-ins, here's ten examples worthy of consideration.

1. Creative Image Slider

Creative Solutions' image slider is a fully responsive slider which uses horizontal scrolling. It includes a live preview wizard which enables you to create sliders in seconds - without the need to learn HTML, CSS or PHP. There is also a further three paid-for options as well as the basic free slider. The Personal option includes a month's updates and PRO support for one; the Professional option includes six months of updates and PRO support, covering five websites. The top of the range Business version has unlimited support, updates and covers all of your websites. The free version uses Creative Solutions' copyright watermark on all images.

2. Easy Media Gallery

GhozyLab's Easy Media Gallery supports an exhaustive range of audio and visual file formats. You can not only embed image files and YouTube clips, you can also embed playlists from Soundcloud, Google Maps' Street View and it includes a grid gallery. It also takes care of the SEO side of things, enabling you to add ALT text and title tags in no time. Photo albums and pagination is also available.

3. Media Library Assistant

Supposing our WordPress site has a plethora of images, trying to find each one is an arduous task. As its search facilities have some limitations, we need a more comprehensive system. Cue Media Library Assistant, a handy plug-in which enhances WordPress' search facilities. It includes a number of powerful content templates, shortcodes and attachment metadata. 

4. MaxGalleria

You can never have too many image galleries, especially free ones like MaxGalleria. You can add Facebook photos to galleries, turn your galleries into carousels, and organise your galleries into albums. There is also a number of ready-made templates and, most importantly, MaxGalleria is responsive for all devices.

5. Polaroid Gallery

If you have a fondness for the old style Polaroid photos, though don't fancy carrying a clunky instant camera, Polaroid Gallery is a CSS3 and jQuery based which replicates those looks. It adds a unique look to your blog posts adding Polaroid style borders to your digital images.

6. WP Backgrounds Lite

If you fancy hosting clickable full screen images on your WordPress site, WP Backgrounds Lite seamlessly fits into almost every WordPress theme. It works almost immediately from installation with vertical and horizontal image centreing. The second version, WP Backgrounds II, offers more features.

  • Also Available For: N/A, exclusive to WordPress.
  • Price: free of charge via WordPress.org.
  • Website: http://inoplugs.com/

7. Yet Another Photoblog

As a blogging platform, WordPress has grown in popularity with professional and amateur photographers. Yet Another Photoblog reflects this with EXIF data processing, on-the-fly thumbnail generation and easy uploading facilities. It is able to convert nearly every WordPress theme into a photoblog.

8. Gmedia Gallery

All singing and all dancing: never a truer word which could be said about this plugin. The Gmedia Gallery enables you to add rotating image galleries with 3D effects, touch/swipe interfaces for mobile browsers and a music player module. There is a premium version with additional features.

9. Image Watermark

dFactory's Image Watermark does what it says on tin: it allows you to watermark images uploaded to the WordPress Media Library. You can also set opacity and transparency rates, disable right mouse clicking and watermark your image files in bulk form. Translations are available in Arabic, Chinese, German, Polish and Russian.

10. InstaFX

For our final plugin we are partying like it's 1969 with a fistful of flashcubes and an instamatic camera. WordPress users have their own answer to Instagram thanks to Colorlabs and Co.'s InstaFX. There is 11 photo filters to play with including a pinhole camera mode. It also supports HTML5 canvas and JavaScript which creates the effects.

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