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CMS Connex's Look At Football Themed Widgets

Joomla!, Drupal, dotCMS, TYPO3, WordPress, your widgets have given the bookies one hell of a beating!

We can only hope!

For sports clubs, a content management system offers a most attractive alternative to hard coding. Especially given the amount of times you need to update league tables, fixtures, results, player information and - where applicable - attendance figures. There is even a specialist CMS and hosting company for sports clubs, in the form of Pitchero.

Supposing your favoured Association Football side uses a content management system to display its news items, statistics and fans' forums, their website is likely to include social features. Not only links to favoured social media sites, but also Prediction Leagues. Some may carry affiliate advertising targeted at fans, often featuring satellite or cable broadcasters, sports shops or turf accountants.

At this time of writing, the 2014 World Cup is only hours away. In addition to all the usual features for security, SEO, surveys and the like, some developers have created a number of football specific add-ons for popular content management systems. Some of which exclusively for the World Cup, with provision for private leagues and interaction with all good social media websites.

Football Orientated Widgets

WorldCup 2014 Predictions

This component does what it says on the tin by allowing anyone to predict the outcome of this year's forthcoming competition. It is the only such component available for Joomla and facilities include scope for private leagues, with unlimited sub leagues available. A scoring system is included and details of all completed matches are present after installation. There is also overviews on each of the teams complete with country flags.

  • Designed for: Joomla! 3.0
  • Designed by: Robert Dam
  • Price: €10 + VAT
  • Website: www.rd-media.org

World Cup Predictor

This plugin enables you to make World Cup predictions on any site powered by the WordPress CMS. It uses the sidebar of your WordPress template to display results and group tables. You can also view the knockout stages by means of a table leading to the final tie in Rio de Janeiro.

  • Designed for: WordPress
  • Designed by: Ian Haycox and Landoweb
  • Price: Free (donation can be made if desired)
  • Website: www.wcp.net.br

League: Sports Tournament Management

Not so much a Drupal module, more so a way for life for organisers or statisticians of Association Football sides, from the Barclays Premier League down to the Fifth Division of the Hyde and District Sunday League. Integrated with Drupal, it enables you to log player details, fixture information, disciplinary issues, and all the usual tournament details and league tables. There is also scope for a minute-by-minute stream - great for fans unable to make it to home or away games.

  • Designed for: Drupal 7
  • Designed by: Hatuhay
  • Price: Free
  • Website: drupal.org

LeagueEngine World Cup 2014 Extension

Though lacking in Prediction League fixtures, LeagueEngine is a comprehensive database detailing the 2014 World Cup. It includes details of all international squads, the usual flags, tournament data and information on the venues from Belo Horizonte to Rio de Janeiro.

  • Designed for: WordPress
  • Designed by: 2D Monkey
  • Price: $10 (£5.94, Regular), $50 (£29.72, Extended)
  • Website: 2dmonkey.com

Team Manager

Similar to League on Drupal, this extension enables you to manage your team, players, staff, leagues, cups and friendly fixtures. If you run a semi-professional or amateur non-league side, this could be a boon, alongside the tactics board. The system is been designed specifically for footballing sides, though its developers UAC Studios, are able to offer a bespoke package for other sports.

  • Designed for: ExpressionEngine 2+
  • Designed by: UAC Studios
  • Price: Free
  • Website: uacstudios.com

After A Hard Day's Work...

...You may wish to put your feet up, open a can and watch the football.

Supporting, let alone managing a football side or predicting any given match can be a tough job, but the joys of charting your club's progress at whatever level is easier thanks to the internet, and easier still thanks to content management systems. It didn't seem so long ago when attempting to win the Football League Championship with The Mighty Stalybridge Celtic meant changing Everton or any other team in blue and white on the original Football Manager. With a tape deck. With Paul Mariner and Bryan Robson instead of Paul Mather and Steve Blake. All these imaginary cup competitions for your Subbuteo teams can now be saved onto WordPress or Drupal instead of a piece of paper, prone to the odd splash of Vimto or errant dog running off with your pad.

Well, with only hours to go (at this time of writing, 19 June 2014) till the opening ceremony, enough time for a quick download. Oh, and... Come On England!

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