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A look at one of the oldest content management systems, popular in mainland Europe.

TYPO3 is one the oldest content management systems. It was developed in Denmark by Kasper Skårhøj in 1997 and became an open source content management system in 2001. Today, it remains one of the most used CMSs with greater popularity in Europe, particularly German speaking countries.

Though commonly known as TYPO3, the CMS is officially known as TYPO3 CMS, as part of TYPO3 which is a parent brand for the CMS itself, plus other brands like Neos and Flow. Its name came about when the original developer made a coding error which lost all of his original code. The original CMS was known as Typo, with the first version known as Typo 2.5. Then Typo 3, the success of which led to the present day spelling with 'typo' spelt in uppercase, followed by the number 3 (minus space). Therefore, the next version would be known as TYPO3 4.0 with subsequent versions similarly named.

Why Choose TYPO3?

  • Modular: themes and extensions available, whether you wish to expand or streamline your website;
  • Support: extensive community involvement through official and third party forums;
  • Best For Enterprise Level Websites: maturity and security makes TYPO3 a solid option;
  • Good For Small Websites: works well on straightforward websites;
  • SEO Friendly: by means of extensions, SEO friendly filenames and sitemaps can be created;
  • Social Media Integration: extensions available for sharing with popular social media websites;
  • Supports Responsive Web Design: suitable themes available for mobile devices.

There is a wealth of support available for TYPO3 CMS, via their official forum and some third party forums. Compared with Joomla!, Drupal and WordPress, its front end lacks their user friendliness. Therefore, TYPO3 is a better option for experienced web developers rather than absolute beginners. Its watertight security makes TYPO3 a bankable option for enterprise class websites and intranets.

TYPO3 can happily work with complex websites as well as the simplest of sites. Whether you're selling an individual painting or a number of paintings, its secure back end makes for a good base for your eCommerce sites. Multishop is one of a number of eCommerce plugins which support TYPO3 CMS. There is a number of third party and official TYPO3 plugins designed to publicise your website on popular social media sites. Plugins are also available for greater integration with Google services such as Google Analytics and Google+ accounts.

Today, TYPO3 has seen some rise in popularity. By far, its greatest use has been in enterprise level websites, and its user base remains buoyant in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


  • Launched: 1998
  • Latest Stable Version: 6.2.5
  • Popularity: 6th
  • Number of Sites: 437,474 (02 June 2014)
  • Used By: Philips, ABN AMRO, Airbus, Accor, University of London.

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