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Why we at Contact Media Ventures are die-hard Drupalholics.

Dear Reader, what you are about to see is living proof why Contact Media Ventures proudly uses the Drupal content management system.

We have wide ranging experience with Drupal, which is why this website and others are fervently powered by this CMS. For us it exudes flexibility. It is also SEO friendly and has a supportive community of users from hardened professionals to budding designers. There is also a wealth of templates available, whether free of charge, or paid-for.

Drupal has an intuitive back end user interface, which not only allows you to seamlessly integrate downloaded templates. It offers scope for the creation of bespoke templates. There is excellent support for mobile devices and digital tablets as well desktop and laptop PCs.

Why Choose Drupal?

  • Flexible: in more ways than one, aesthetically and functionally;
  • Modular: wealth of plug-ins available, whether you wish to expand or streamline your website;
  • Support: extensive community involvement via, plus compatibility with PHP/Apache servers;
  • Secure: its modular approach allows for ease of updating and swift creation of security patches;
  • A Good All-Rounder: Drupal's ease of use makes it ideal for the most modest and most complex of websites;
  • SEO Friendly: Drupal is also designed to work well with search engine directories;
  • Social Media Integration: as well as the usual Facebook, Twitter and Google+ buttons, facilities are available for linking Google+ accounts and authorship details.
  • Supports Responsive Web Design: mobile device and digital tablet friendly web design.

The flexibility of Drupal is a major strength. It can support any type of website from a standard brochure site to a personal blog and a support forum. Facilities are available for creating landing pages, articles and e-commerce websites. Moreover, it supports responsive web design practices, thus allowing for a smartphone and digital tablet friendly website. Drupal can be installed on any web server which supports PHP (i.e. Apache or IIS) and a database (i.e. MySQL).

Whether your website's designed for a cake stall or a chain of bakeries, Drupal is modular enough to support both concerns. Plugins are available to allow for swish visual effects, displaying your prized cupcakes, or full e-commerce facilities which allow customers to order sandwiches or wedding cakes. Its most popular e-commerce plugin is UberCart, which has been active since 2007 and on its seventh stable version.

Support for social media integration is also available. As well as enabling users to link their Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn accounts, there is scope for Google+ and Google Authorship integration. Tracking your website's progress is also easy as Google Analytics or any other statistical tool can be added.

Drupal has been active since January 2001, which makes it one of the oldest content management systems in the world, and one with wide community involvement, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe. It is now on its seventh stable version with Drupal 8 due for release at the end of this year.


  • Launched: January 2001
  • Latest Stable Version: 7.28
  • Popularity: 3rd
  • Number of Sites: 749,892 (02 June 2014)
  • Used By: Travelodge, MTV, The Economist, The White House.

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