10 Must-Have Joomla! Extensions

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Ten Joomla! extensions, components, modules and plugin you cannot live without.

Joomla! has featured in the Top Ten of any content management system chart for the last decade. It has won friends on the amount of themes and add-ons. Therefore a number of free and paid-for extensions and templates have been created for its loyal user base. All of which available via The Joomla! Extensions Directory and third party sites including Theme Forest.

1. JoomSEF

ARTIO's JoomSEF extension is almost as old as Joomla! itself with versions going back to 28 August 2006. It enables Joomla! to create Search Engine Friendly URLs, add and generate metadata, customise 404 Page Not Found pages and supports other components. The latest version, 4.4.4 was updated on the 29 August 2013 and supports Joomla! 3.0 upwards.

2. VirtueMart

Also a staple of hardcore Joomlans is the long established VirtueMart extension, with versions going back to 05 March 2006. For several years, it has been a popular choice with online shopkeepers with a wealth of features including payment options, currency conversions, and promotional tools. Up to 2.6.4 (last updated on 26 May 2014), it remains popular with independent retailers and sole traders.

3. XCloner-Backup and Restore

Even the most watertight of servers or computer systems may be prone to outage, data loss and lost connections. XCloner-Backup and Restore is a handy component enables users to backup their version of Joomla!, and move it over the internet to another location. It enables you to create full or partial backups and supports cloud hosting.

  • Also Available For: WordPress (as a native plugin); also any website using PHP/MySQL.
  • Website: www.xcloner.com/about/

4. Screen Reader

If you manage a publicly accessible website, there's every chance you need assistive technologies, conforming to WCAG requirements. Screen Reader is one example, which allows visually impaired users to peruse your site. The paid-for plugin allows support for access keys, supports a number of languages, HTML5 and responsive web design.

5. QR Code Elite

Increasingly, QR [Quick Response] Codes are used for customer information, based on he or she scanning the code with a mobile device. QR Code Elite is a module that enables you to add Quick Response Codes to your Joomla! website. There include data types for each page, website and email response.

6. WordPress Post

Among Joomla's great aspects is its flexibility, and this module proves you can 'play ball' with another content management system or four WordPress Post can be used to display your latest or most commented WordPress posts within your Joomla! based website.

7. MultiTrans

Ever wondered if your website could translate from English to French or Russian in a flash? MultiTrans' no fuss module enables you to automatically translate your website into over 70 languages. Not only most European but also some Asian and African languages.

8. Phoca Gallery

Jan Pavelka's Phoca Gallery is an image gallery extension with a host of eye-popping effects. Features include watermarking, lightbox effects, plus support for YouTube embedding and different methods of image upload. To get the best out of this extension, the Phoca Gallery Button plugin is worth adding to your installation.

9. NS Font Awesome

Finding the right icon can be a tiresome task, even more so when you scale the image and find how pixellated it is. NS Font Awesome takes the heat out of this chore and gives you 439 scaleable vector graphic icons to play with, using CSS markup. They are also designed for retina displays and screen reader compatible.

10. Modules Anywhere

Wish to have more control over the placement of modules on your Joomla! site? Fret no more with this plugin. NoNumber's Modules Anywhere enables you to place modules anywhere you can enter text. Not only in other modules but also within third party components. A professional version is available for €20 (equivalent to £15.98 at present).

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